Is Mayse Farm Market the place for you?

Our farm has many unique seasons.  Since we are a seasonal farm, we are only open from end of April through October 31st.  We have two major rounds of hiring: in April for our spring and summer seasons and later in the summer for our fall season. We appreciate anyone who is able to work through all three of our seasons, but we do not require that you work through them all.  We accept a wide variety of applications for employments through all of our seasons!

We are a working fruit and vegetable farm.  In the spring we offer our greenhouse tomatoes, homegrown tomatoes, and flowers.  In the summer we offer our homegrown sweet corn, local/southern peaches, local blueberries, sunflower festivities, and other summer produce.  And in the fall we offer family fun on the farm with pumpkin picking, playground area, and more.  The fall season focuses on making sure our guests have a great time on our property.  We have many different positions available during the fall! If any of these sound like fun, then we are the place for you! 

We have a variety of jobs including working as a cashier, stocking produce, and working in our bakery.  Other job details may include assisting in the greenhouses, watering flowers in the spring, and assisting whereas needed in or outside of our market. Our market is fast pace so we appreciate applicates who know how to work hard and can work effectively/efficiently. 

Customer service is our number one priority at all times. If you are a fun, energetic individual who loves being around people, then this job is for you!  Because we have been in business since 1976, we have many of loyal customers who continue to return year after year.  We need people who are truly excited to be working here.

Spring/Summer Positions (April through end of summer)

Positions start with the beginning of our greenhouse tomatoes and flower season around the end of April. Most employees work 3-4 days or 4-5 days per week during these seasons.  Our spring through summer positions are required to qork during big holidays. Priority is given to those with completely open availability since most employees work full-time all summer.  A valid driver’s license is not required; however, you must have a reliable ride to work.

​Summer positions available: Retail Cashier/Produce Stocker, and Assistant Bakers

Fall Positions (End of summer through Oct 31st)

Positions start beginning of August and run until the end of our season on Halloween, October 31st. If applying for weekend-only positions, you MUST have VERY OPEN availability.  Applicants with the most open availability will be given first priority.  Our season is only a little over a month long, so any scheduling conflicts for weekends-only positions will count against you.  A valid driver’s license is not required; however, you must have a reliable ride to work.

​Fall positions available: Retail Cashier/Produce Stocker, Assitant Bakers, Jumping Pillow Worker, Zip Line Worker, and Ticket Booth Workers


Please download the employee application below. Once completed, please email application to rmaysefarmmarket@gmail.com, or drop off at Mayse Farm Market. You may also send a resume/cover letter, but it is not required.

Mayse Farm Market Employee Application