Beautiful Bolga Baskets are available in our market during the growing season, as well as during our country sausage season.  These hand-woven baskets are from Ghana, West Africa.  The "Bolga Baskets" are all-natural baskets made from elephant grass.  The elephant grass grows wild and is harvested, dried into straw then woven by the women of the village.  The men primarily tan the goat hides and work the leather on the handles.  The weaver/leather crafters of the Bolga Baskets are mostly farm families from the historic town of Bolgatanga.  The families have been weaving and selling these hand-crafted works of art for generations!  The purchase of these "Fair Trade" baskets is helping a farmer in Africa!  The specialized weaving process makes these baskets strong but flexible; they can be reshaped or washed by getting them wet with water and forming them with your hands.  Re-wetting the basket every now and again will actually add flexibility to the natural fibers and will extend the life of the basket.  The beautiful baskets hand-crafted by farmers in Ghana are green, sustainable and long lasting. 
These baskets are perfect to:
  • Take on a beach trip 
  • Use as a purse
  • Place in the center of a table and fill with fruits & veggies
  • Store bathroom cosmetics
  • Hold throw blankets
  • Store fashion scarves
  • Store magazines & books
  • Place in a playroom or baby room and hold baby toys or stuffed animals
  • Hold greeting cards or office supplies
  • Use as decor around the house
  • Give as a gift
**These baskets make wonderful "create your own" gift baskets!**